Yangs Dumpling Reopening!

We're excited to announce the re-opening of our restaurant to dine-in customers again on 1 June 2020. To celebrate, we're launching an all-new menu with over 50 new items, All You Can Eat Dumplings (Coming Soon), and Weekend Yum Cha / Breakfast.

Aside from providing delicious food offerings and impeccable service, the health and safety of our customers is also one of our top priorities. Upon re-opening of dine in, we will be taking the following measures to keep our customers safe:

1. Our tables, chairs, utensils and kitchen equipment will be cleaned using hospital-grade sanitisers as frequently as practically possible.

2. Our food will be served in disposable bowls and plates where possible.

3. We will be taking the name and contact number of all dine-in customers.

4. We will be conducting temperature checks on all dine-in customers.

5. Hand sanitisers will be made available for use by all dine-in customers.

We look forward to welcoming our customers back soon. Thank you for your support during this time.